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  • Incredibly Gluten Friendly

    It's true! All of our SAUCES and TEMPURA are GLUTEN FREE!

  • Everyone Has A Favorite

    People recommend The Delicate Arch Roll. Sans rice, and rolled in a cucumber for a delicious snap!


    Wine, beer, cocktails and sake made just the way you like it!

  • Another Reason To Visit Moab

    Join our new friends in making Sabaku Sushi a stop on the Moab tour!


Here's what others are saying about Sabaku Sushi:

"Loved the modern and relaxed decor, the music, and the very friendly staff. The prices were reasonable. We ordered our usual: Philly roll, unagi rolls, spicy tuna, and shrimp tempura. They were all very tasty. The sauce was good but not overpowering as is so often the case. You could actually taste the fish. The Philly roll was melt in your mouth good, the shrimp tempura still a little warm from the fryer. The temperature of the sushi is something I really notice, and this restaurant got it just right. The rolls were cut perfectly, nice and small. My 6 year old gobbled them down with no problems."

This place is one of the BEST Sushi Joints in the state! Will go back time and time again!

We found Sabaku Sushi after an afternoon of rafting on the Colorado and what a find! The three specialty rolls we shared ("The Red Rock 'n' Roll", "The Delicate Arch" and "The White Rim") were fantastic as was the miso soup that preceded it. Passing through Moab? Living in Moab? Thinking about Moab? Go get sushi at Sabaku.

Coming from fantastic Japanese restaurants from the north east, NYC and New Jersey, I thought this place would have been average. Turns out this place was one of the best sushi joints I have ever been too. This exotic and beautifully served sushi was absolutely phenomenal. A must for food lovers in Moab.